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Here's why you should book with us!​​​

We save you time and money! 

  • We know a good deal from a bad one and save you hours of time to do other things.
  • Save you from travel scams, recommend safe locations and weed out what you don't need.

Price reductions!

  • Even AFTER your booked: If the package price drops, we can often have your rate ​lowered SAVING YOU MORE MONEY. 

​No fees! 

  • Expert advice, planning, research and booking that costs you nothing extra. We bring the best value for your money.​

Deposit instead of full payment! 

  • Internet sites make you pay in full when you book! That costs you more money! With us, you are booked with a small deposit, and the rest isn't due until close to vacation time!
  • Trip Layaway! That's right, you can book long in advance and make payments whenever you want to!

Free Expert Advice!

  • Resort specialists: We visit and inspect all-inclusive resorts ourselves to make the best recommendations for you.
  • We sell locations we've been to ourselves! We've done the tours, seen the islands, met the people, know where to go.
  • ​Top Notch Certifications! 

            -Sandals & Beaches Resort Specialist!

            -Certified Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Specialist!

            -Certified River Cruise Specialist!

            -Travel Institute Certified: Travel Associate, Destination Specialist Europe & Wedding & Honeymoon Specialist! 

  • ​The perfect fit: We match your travel style and needs to the resort or cruise ship that best fits you! We pair you up with exactly what you desire.
  • Outstanding customer service, vast experience, undeniable reputation and ability to bring you the best value possible.

Hello and welcome!

I am Pete, the President and owner of Jolly Mon Vacations and it's branch, River Cruise Guru. Our mission is to assist in finding the perfect vacation that FITS YOU. There are a lot of resorts out there and each is very different. Choosing the right one in the right location that meets your needs, desires and style is one of the most important factors in your enjoyment. We only recommend SAFE locations and resorts that are as well. There are places out there that will curl your toes and make you shiver!

Think you can save money by booking yourself? I've seen far too many people try to book on an internet site and not see the whole picture. While looking for a romantic getaway they ended up at a raucous Spring Break resort instead, ruining their getaway. Those 'volume' booking sites don't look out for you...they look out for your wallet. We are on your side and work in your best interest.


No deception here. Just the facts and expert advice from professionals that are in the know.

Contact us today and see for yourself how easy and stress free it is to have professional assistance working on your side!

Pete Larson, CTA, DS, LS

  • Certified Travel Associate (CTA), The Travel Institute.
  • Certified Destination Specialist, (DS), Northern & Eastern Europe.
  • Certified Lifestyle Specialist (LS), Destination Wedding & Honeymoon.
  • Certified River Cruise Specialist.
  • Owner, Jolly Mon Vacations & River Cruise Guru
  • Phone: 218-779-3050  
  • Email: pete@jollymonvacations.com

We hold THE GOLD STANDARD in travel agency credentials!

We are accredited by the International Airlines Travel Agent Network (IATAN).

We have also partnered with Nexion, an award-winning host agency, Allowing us access to special deals, prices, group cruise pricing, education and much more. 

Contact us today!

Email: pete@jollymonvacations.com

Phone:  218-779-3050

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Contact us today!

  • Email:  pete@Jollymonvacations.com
  • Phone:  218-779-3050
  • We are located in Grand Forks, ND and we assist clients world-wide.

"We assist with resorts, hotels, cruises, river cruises, luxury motor coach tours, adventure tours, honeymoons, 'girlfriend getaways', 'man-cations', reunions, families & groups. Destinations like Jamaica, Las Vegas, Caribbean, Europe...and much more."

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